Over 500 men have proposed to me — Nyambura the 28-year-old Kenyan woman who advertised herself on Nairobi streets reveals

How tables turn! From a desperate husband seeker, now Nyambura Priscilla, the woman who caught the attention of Kenyans on Tuesday August 22, has a daunting task of sieving from a pool of over 500 men and tens of offers to select from to finally settle down with one man, her new husband.
According to a Tuko,a Kenyan website that interviewed her, she has received over 500 phone calls from men who have expressed interest and also willingness to take care of her daughter too.

“Good news for men is that the only qualification is that he should be ready to take her and her seven-year-old daughter.The hundreds of men who have shown interest in her are waiting with bated breath to see if they will be successful. Nyambura is already set to contact the successful and lucky man soon”, Tuko reported.
Nyambura surprised many when she paraded herself along busy Nairobi streets with her ‘advertisement’ while she tagged along her young daughter.