PHOTO: Princess Komuntale’s ex-husband Thomas turns into “Ghetto Youth Rasta-man’

How men fall from grace to grass! If the latest photos of princess Komuntale ex-husband Christopher Thomas are anything to go by, the former “Duke” of Toro kingdom might soon be eligible to compete with the likes of Buchaman for the infamous Ghetto President post.

According to reports, Thomas is now a shadow of his former self. The former “royal” is now living like a typical ghetto youth growing thick untidy dreadlocks to achieve the signature Rastafarian look.

For a man who the gods had favoured and won the hearts of a princess, “Duke” Christopher Thomas, the American bad boy’s current situation is as shocking as how his love affair with princess Komuntale ended.

The sources allege that he hangs out at local pubs consuming his frustration in the bitter that could have contributed to his gross loss of weight.

Thomas and Komuntale had a controversial short-lived long affair that ended in the most shocking way with dirty linen being hanged for the world to see.