Bebe Cool shoots video in Miami, set to record with Jason Derulo next week

Gagamel CEO Bebe Cool has had such a busy schedule since his arrival in USA last week. Like we informed you, Bebe has already held a couple of meetings with big US record label representatives. One such meeting was held in Las Vegas where Bebe spent the better part of his weekend. Well, yesterday, Bebe spent his day shooting a video to his collabo with Nigerian star- Stone Boy! The singer however insisted it wasn’t the right time to release photos from his video shoot.

Bebe will fly to Boston to visit his mum before he flies to another yet-to-be-disclosed destination where he will shoot his second video. However, one other thing we learnt of is that Bebe will hit studio with American star Jason Derulo next week. Bebe met with Jason’s music director last week and the two agreed on the direction of the music they intend to do. Our source told us that Jason’s producer has since come up with a few beats for Bebe and Derulo. When contacted, an excited Bebe told us he was not ready to comment, but he did not deny any of the developments.