Legal showdown: Sudhir demands 26 documents from BoU

Sudhir’s lawyers are at work.

Kampala Associated advocates, the law firm representing tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia has written to Bank of Uganda, to furnish them with 26 documents to help them file their defence in the case where BoU accuses him of fraud.

BoU says the business magnet “siphoned” money out of the defunct Crane Bank and they want court to compel him to pay about Shs400bn, but it won’t be a walk in the park as Sudhir has lined up a stellar legal team.

The lawyers have folded their sleeves and are already at work. On Friday, they filed a notice before the commercial court, asking for 26 documents they say were not attached to BOU’s suit to back up their claims.

Some of documents the lawyers asked for include the following:

Forensic report including any legal due diligence done.

All the primary documents for the so-called movements of the Kantaria dividends from 2006-2014 including but not limited to cheques, vouchers, statements and electronic transfer records, legal authority/order for accessing Kantaria’s US account at Capital Bank, Botswana, all the off book account statements and the nostro account statements.

Electronic trail of the forensic recovery system.

The actual record bearing the so-called account of $80m.

All documents related to fraudulent extraction, all cheques, transaction documents of all the accounts and transactions.

The Technology Associates documents showing that Sudhir is its shareholder and its director.

Documents showing ownership of Infinity Investments Ltd.

The full report of the NSSF audit.

48 sales agreements where Sudhir purchased land from the land owners of the properties BoU is interested in.

All documents relating to the loss including deposits in the bank by the receiver to cover up the so-called hole.

Sudhir’s lawyers argue that the documents they are requesting for have been mentioned by BOU in their suit, but they have not been attached.

BOU has 10 days to avail these documents to Sudhir’s legal team.