My Massa can’t go that low. Let that woman produce evidence —Massa’s official wife defends

Geoffrey Massa’s official wife Majorine Nabulime has come out to defend her hubby who has of late been a subject of controversy after he was allegedly involved with a prostitute.

Speaking to a local tabloid, she clearly stated that her husband didn’t sleep with the alleged woman and is being framed by the Police and media.

“What I am sure of he was coming from Mukono. He was supposed to meet a client and he was delayed.  I am not sure how he got in touch with that woman but I believe his words. He had given her a lift. If anyone has a sex video of him having sex, let them bring it. Media is just forming up stories. He explained to the police officers but didn’t listen. They even wanted money from him but he refused’’ she explained.

In amidst of all, the same prostitute claimed she had slept with Massa. However, Massa’s wife clearly asks the  alleged prostitute to produce evidence.

“ I have been reading all that nonsense, but let that woman produce evidence that Massa slept with her. All you read are stories forged. Yes, he was found with her but nothing proves he slept with her. Massa can’t go that low” she narrated to the local tabloid, Kamunye.