People in third world countries like Uganda are more talented, hustle much harder than here in US — French Montana

Rapper French Montana is a man with such a big heart. While many celebrities and public figures of his stature have kept away from the underprivileged, the hiphop star says he appreciates the struggle that comes with living in a third world country.

He told Vibe Magazine that he has no doubt people in third world countries like Uganda might be more talented than those in USA and strive much harder but never get to the point they deserve. When asked about why he chose to travel to Uganda to shoot the “Unforgettable” video with our own Ghetto Kids, he replied, “You know, that’s why I do a 360 with everything. It’s why “Unforgettable” is so successful. Because we showed a world people put a blind eye too. It’s a whole different world, where people might be more talented than here… might strive harder for things they want than here. That’s where I got my hustling mentality from. It’s a Third World country and it’s beautiful”.

French Montana who has his roots in Morocco stated that a dance group like Ghetto Kids have nothing much yet are happy, something that makes him proud of them.

“They went from dancing in the mud for food and money, to performing in front of a 100 million people. That means more to me than anything”, he reflected.