Those who feel okay with fake Bibles shouldn’t waste time following my teachings — Pastor Bugingo

Controversial House of Prayer Ministries pastor Aloysius Bugingo has stated that he does not preach for everybody and therefore those who are okay with the so -called “fake Bibles” should not waste their time following his teachings.

While addressing  Nabweru court yesterday, he stated that he preaches only to House of Prayer Ministries members and well wishers.

“I preach to only HPM members and well wishers, so those who feel okay with those fake Bibles shouldn’t waste their time following my teachings,and they should stop listening to Salt FM or watch salt TV. I wasn’t called for everyone”, he told court when asked whether he told people to burn Bibles.

When he was shown the Good News Bible and asked whether he recognised as a Bible, he stated it is not one.

“Half a dose is more dangerous than even an over dose, a bible is not the word written on the cover but the content”, he defended himself.

However, the prosecution failed produce evidence that he truly burnt the Bibles as there were no witnesses or video recording. The ruling is slated for August, 29.