Bobi Wine went a level down — Buchaman to be sworn in as Ghetto President today

As Bobi Wine aka Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi takes the oath this afternoon at Parliament, somewhere in the ghettos, Buchaman is also taking oath as the new “Ghetto President”. Last week he revealed that Bobi Wine lost his position in the ghetto and resigned to become a politician.
 “When he left for politics, he resigned from the ghetto. He went a level down and I am the new ghetto president and I will be sworn in as the President of Uganja,” Kampala Sun reported.

Buchaman also doesn’t think much of Bobi Wine’s prospects in parliament, saying he (Bobi) is greedy and will do nothing for the constituents. “You shouldn’t trust him or expect a lot. He is doing everything for the money,” Buchaman relayed