Who cares what public servants wear when the emperor walks around naked with wrinkly buttocks? — Stella Nyanzi

In her signature metaphorical writing style, Dr. Stella Nyanzi has described the government’s order on a strict dressing code for public servants as a ploy to distract the public from the amendment of the presidential age limit. 

“Stop prioritising non-issues, otherwise you will soon be issuing rules about the acceptable size of bulge in the flies of male public servants, or the acceptable protrusion of the bust and buttocks of female public servants. Focus on the planned vulgar amendment to remove presidential age limits from our constitution“, part of her Facebook post read.

In a witty humour laced post, she says Ugandans must focus on the “retiring the naked emperor”. 

Below is her dose of wit and humour

Somebody tell Catherine Bitarakwate and Adah Muwanga that the masses refuse to be distracted from the planned removal of the presidential age limit. Who really cares what public servants in Uganda wear, when the emperor walks around naked?

The emperor in Uganda does not only walk around naked to the core, but also his ashen wrinkly buttocks are infested with many ring worms. His elderly buttocks, no longer round and succulent, sag loosely with age. They are covered with old layers of dandruff. Out of the emperor’s butt crack protrude long grey curly hairs. This naked emperor is old; very old…