Zuena responds to haters and Barbie comparison in a one smart way

Following the recent comparisons between Barbie-Bobi and Bebe-Zuena by a legion of fans, Zuena seems to have made a smart response. According to her recent Facebook post, if you read between the lines, surely she is up to something in a rather smart way. While a section of fans have been stating that she is not inspirational enough to her husband, something that made the husband make an emotional statement, Zuena seems to have summed it up here.

She tells the world of the life they never get to see. She writes about her daily routine that starts at 5am getting her kids ready for school. She is playing her role.

“It’s that time again,waking up at my usual time 5am,get the kids ready for school then drop them at school….with our puffy eyes and swollen morning faces we head to the market.They say the early bird catches the fattest worm and indeed by 6:50am we are already in the market picking the biggest matooke,fattest fish,fresh vegetables etc.
Market days are the best days because not only do we have to get the freshest foods but we get to interact with the sellers. Wishing you a blessed new week”, she posted.