Ykee Benda to perform at African Movie Awards Academy (AMAAs) 2017 in Lagos

Over the weekend, singer Ykee Benda was one of the performers at the African Movie Awards Academy (AMAAs) nomination night in Kigali, Rwanda. And according to several attendees, Ykee Benda put up such ‘an amazing performance’. In attendance were celebrated actors from East Africa, as well as famous Nigerian actors like Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze among others.

“The most memorable moment was when actor Osita Iheme joined Benda on stage as he performed his popular ‘Farmer’ hit,” said an East African actor that attended the event in Kigali over the weekend. We have been reliably informed that the AMAAs organisers were as well extremely impressed by Benda’s performance, so much so that one of the top guys from the AMAAs immediately approached Ykee Benda and told him that he will be performing at the awards night due Saturday July 15 in Lagos.