I hope Bobi shares his ganja with many MPs because weed can unblock blocked minds — Stella Nyanzi

Dr. Stella Nyanzi believes Bobi Wine aka Robert Kyagulanyi is the change that the people of Kyadondo East and most importantly, the parliament needs. Without saying much, below is her post which covers it all from the Tubonga Nawe snub to potential weed therapy at the August House.

“Now that he was arrested and momentarily detained for God knows what, if I was a voter in Kyaddondo East, I would vote for Bobi Wine. For starters, his politics has for long been in the right place. He never joined the Tubbonga Nawe musicians who sang praises for Museveni during the last presidential campaigns.

His social justice work is growing. Unlike many who think that Bobi is like dormant comedians and singers masquerading as legislators, I see a growing social-political leader who is in touch with the realities of youthful Uganda. Some of his music is heavily political because it clearly names and challenges oppression.

But also, it would be really great to have a passion-filled swaggerific dreadlocked Mubanda in parliament. I hope he shares his ganja with many Members of Parliament because weed can unblock blocked minds. Yeah man, maximum peace and respec’ Bobi Wine! Nange ku lunno mbikwathitha Kyagulanyi.