Prof. Mukiibi repented — Catholic Church defends the late over children

The Catholic Church has come out to defend the late educationist Prof. Lawrence Mukiibi over the children he had out of the wedlock. After the death of the late, over 53 children were paraded as orphans with some as young as one year old while several women too claimed they were pregnant for him.

According to critics, the Church went against its norm by organising a funeral service yet he had failed to fulfill his marriage vows. However, Msgr John-Wynand Katende, who led Mukiibi’s last funeral service, stated that the late educationist sought a priest, repented his sins and was given the sacrament of anointing of the sick. Before someone receives this sacrament, they first get that of penance and Holy Communion.

“What we are doing now is a post-mortem, but what Prof Mukiibi actually needs most are our prayers,” The Observer reported after speaking to the Msgr Katende.

“We should leave judgment only to God.”
Katende says everyone’s role is to pray for Mukiibi to reach heaven.