Details on Museveni’s daughter Georgina emerge

First Lady, Mama Janet with the young couple.

Yesterday, Matooke Republic broke the story of President Yoweri Museveni’s daughter Georgina who is set to wed this weekend.

Everyone has been wondering who this other “Museveni daughter” they have never heard about is.

Well, for starters, the kuhingira (give away) ceremony was held at State House Entebbe, where Georgina introduced Phillip to her family. If you have any doubt that she is a daughter, the venue of the Kuhingira is telling enough.

What we have gathered however is that though Georgina grew up in State House, she is not a biological child of President Museveni, though he considers and refers to her as his daughter and gives her all the love and support a father would.

Biologically, Georgina is actually a niece to Museveni but he raised her as his own and those who are aware with State House dealings tell you she is his favourite daughter. She got so close to the president especially because as she was growing up the other Museveni girls were getting maried and leaving home, so she was the daughter he was left with. 

“Museveni has a paternal uncle. A very old man who lives in Bukanga. This man is the grandfather of Hon. Stephen Kangwagye, the youthful area MP.  Georgina is Kangwagye’s sister. Museveni however raised Georgina as his own daughter through and through,” a source told us.

President Museveni campaigns for Stephen Kangwagye in the recent elections. The MP is the brother to Georgina who was raised in State House.

In fact during the NRM primary campaigns preceding the Bukanga County by-election in 2013, members of the first family were accused to meddling in the electoral process to ensure Kangwagye’s victory. 

According to a Uganda Radio Network report, some candidates threatened to boycott the polls citing intimidation and interference by Michael Toyota and Shadrack Nzire both brothers to President Yoweri Museveni who were allegedly campaigning for their nephew Steven Kangwagye.

Other candidates wanted them chased out of the constituency but the Museveni brothers said they were bonafide residents in the area who were not interfering in politics.

Kangwagye who is now area MP is the older blood brother to Georgina.

However, Georgina was picked up as a child and State House is the place she calls home.

The wedding is on tomorrow at Namirembe Cathedral, followed by a reception at Kampala Serena Hotel.