Chagga was not sacked but changed roles — Radio & Weasel

Following a story we published in last week’s issue, about singers Radio & Weasel relieving their manager- former singer Chagga of his duties, the singers got back to us and cleared the air.

Radio & Weasle told us that they did not sack Chagga as sources had intimated to us. The dynamic duo clarified that they did some restructuring in their management and changed Chagga from their general manager to music manager.

Under his new role, Chagga is in charge of booking studio time, coordinating video shoots, advising on the music to be released and everything else to do with the duo’s music strategy.

A younger and little known Mr Emotions, has since been appointed and taken over from Chagga as the duo’s new manager in charge of bookings and overall strategy.

Sources at the duo’s Neverland home in Makindye told us that Chagga is not exactly happy about the changes, but he’s willing to serve the duo whom he considers more of brothers to him.

We have also received news that since he will be spending so much time in studio, Chagga is planning to revive his music career.