You may now “chew and swallow” the bride, Ugandans just can’t kiss

A newly wed couple kissing at the 77 DOGS mass wedding

The 77 DOGS mass wedding left many tongues chewing… sorry tongues wagging after the newly weds struggled to kiss their partners. It was like a vampire attack on a sedated prey. The men attacked their brides with mouths wide open like they were swallowing a samosa after a long day of labour. It was 280 couples clueless about kissing.

See the grooms on the left and right at the brink of swallowing

They showed no passion, no romance, no emotion …just plain hunger. One almost devoured the nose of his newly wed wife. May be they should have stuck to hugging.

As far as wedding preparations are concerned, there are usually rehearsals prior to the occasion. Perhaps overwhelmed by the number, the pastors could have thought, well,  these couples knew how to kiss. But what we got was something that not only shocked the congregation but also painted a reality about Ugandans. We just can’t kiss!

Now look at this one!

Most of us are very bad kissers that can easily suffocate our lovers. These 280 couples are just the tip of the iceberg. If you are a lady and you think you know how to kiss, slide to my DM.