Very few people have my qualities — Moses Magogo confident of retaining FUFA presidency

Eng. Moses Magogo, the president of the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (Fufa) is confident he will be re-elected for a second term when the polls take place this August.

FUFA president Moses Magogo is confident he will retain the seat come August. He believes he will be given another four-year term based on his track record at the helm of Ugandan football administration.

“I believe that the voters have tested what I can do and and now know what they will vote for. The general Assembly is not for ‘potato growers’ like they are called by some people, but they are serious people who have the passion for the sport that they cannot be bought by money,” he stated.

He stated very few Ugandans share his attributes which include12-years of football administration and service through the ranks and systems.

FUFA elections will take place in Masindi on August 5.