VIDEO: Zari’s ex Ivan Ssemwanga distributes cash to disadvantaged children in Nsambya

This guy is still loaded! Yesterday, socialite Ivan Ssemwanga made a philanthropic drive to Nsambya based NGO M-Lisada foundation with a couple of other Rich Gang compatriots. When his three car convoy arrived, he was welcomed amidst shrieks and ululations by the under-privileged kids. The seemingly excited Ivan then made way into the open gates of the organisation laden with bags of sugar, towers of soda cartons, boxes of food among other niceties. 

He was then entertained by the talented youths and later got a time to interact with them through a question and answer segment. The highlight of the day was when he gave each of the kids 20,000 shillings regardless of their swollen population. This caused excitement among the kids as they danced and ululated praises. 
He still got the dimes. Check the video: