Dr. Stella Nyanzi’s children finally bond with her at Luzira prison, call her “Mandela”

After several restraints, Stella Nyanzi’s children finally met their mother at Luzira Prison. According to the anonymous user managing her Facebook account, Dr. Stella Nyanzi’s children have not been aware of where she had been. They labelled her a host of names of heroes from Nelson Mandela to Wangai.

“The two nine year old boys and twelve year old girl who have been asking endless questions about their mother were excited that they were going to finally see her. They arrived at Luzira Prison at 9:20 am only to find a group of people already waiting to see their mother. Their car, like all the ones that were headed to the prison, was stopped at a road block that was put just at the Quality Chemicals turn. It was here that they were informed they could not Stella; confused about why they would not see their mother as planned, Wasswa asked, “Why are they stopping us from seeing mama yet other people are going in?” And what do you tell a child when you as the adult do not fully understand what is happening?”, the post read in part.

The children nevertheless the struggle and restraints met their mother once again.

Stella Nyanzi was arrested for calling the president a pair of buttocks.