VIDEO: All I want is two acres of land to rear goats — Benon Karebere the man who claims to be Museveni’s son

 40-year-old Benon Karebere, who claims to be son of the President, has stated that all he expects from “his daddy” is two acres of land to start farming. Benon who prides in being a strong energetic man stated that he tried joining the army but dropped out after he realised that he could not handle the tasks. He revealed to us he has been struggling to make ends meet as a bicycle repairer but fell out of business after motorcycles took over the secrets.

He claims his attempts to get to his “daddy” have been futile on several occasions with certain people sabotaging his plans. He claimed that he wrote several letters addressed to “daddy” and wanted it all to be a secret  but has since left been left desperate and frustrated.

Check the video below: