I first thought Stella Nyanzi was s3xually starved or a p3rvert  — Miria Matembe speaks about Nyanzi’s Facebook posts

Dr. Stella Nyanzi’s explicit language and imagery has left several dumbfounded.  When expressing her dissatisfaction with the government, Dr. Stella Nyanzi’s tongue holds no sieve. It lets it all out!

Hon Miria Matembe

While appearing on NBS TV Front line, former  Ethics and Integrity minister Hon Miria Matembe stated that she thought  Nyanzi’s way of expression was a result of “s3x starvation”. 

“When I first heard of how Stella Nyanzi sexualized everything, I thought she was s3xually starved or a s3xual p3rvert”, she intimated.

Miria Matembe was quick to question her instincts.

“However, I have come to realize that before we judge her, we need to invite her for a discussion so that she educates us. I was told that she has a PhD in ‘Queer Theory’ which allows her to use that language. May be that’s why she stripped naked the first time I saw her.”

However, Matembe credited herself stating that during her tenure as minister, such scenarios had no room.

“I think I performed very well as a minister and people have now forgotten that there is a Minister for Ethics and Integrity”, she concluded.