Pemba sets up big business in Dubai

Pemba Sports Africa boss Jack Pemba has been conspicuously missing the social scene, which led to some tabloids to report that he had fled the country, running our from mafias who were investigating the source of his wealth. We have learnt that Pemba is the international business hub Dubai where he has set up his JP Logistics company.

JP Logistics is a general freight company shipping goods all over the world.  The story of Pemba running out of the country that ran in Red Pepper rubbed the tycoon the wrong and he got his lawyers to write to them with indicating that he was out of the country on official business.

“Your story draws explicit inferences to my client as “a money launderer”, “a fugitive on the run”, “involved in scandalous or dirty deals”, “in bed with crime groups known as “Mafias” in Uganda,” Pemba’s lawyer Francis Franck Kiwa wrote.

“I find the contents of your thread false, destructive, malicious and highly defamatory towards my client, yet in doing so, your defamatory comments are being and are still being communicated to millions of people throughout the world, posing a serious threat to the reputation of my Client and various individuals who work with my Client,” he added.

“My Client has never been summoned by any Authority in Uganda to answer to any criminal charges or civil complaints. It is rather unfortunate that you knew or should have known that the contents of your thread are false but nonetheless went ahead to publish the thread. It is clear that your thread was and is deliberately designed to damage the reputation of my Client in the world and divert current and potential business and partners away from my Client rather than have any fair comment basis.”

The tabloid had to retract the story.

While in Dubai, Pemba has also attended the Karate1 Premier League Championships and lobbied to bring the sport to Uganda.