How often should you be having s3x

Hear this. The afterglow from s3x lasts 48 hours, says a new study, and that’s good news for bonding.

In short. If you’re married or in a longterm relationship, you need to get busy in the sack.

The story
So how frequently should you have your romps? If you’re doing it for procreation, then the answer changes from one case to the next, of course. But if you’re doing it just for pleasure, then the answer is ALL THE TIME. 
But what does the science say? And more specifically, what if there’s a third purpose for s3x? Research involving two sets of newlywed couples that was published in the journal Psychological Science indicated partners experienced an “afterglow” following a s3xual encounter. This is nothing unusual, of course, but what surprised researchers was how long the afterglow lasted.
“Our research shows that s3xual satisfaction remains elevated 48 hours after s3x,” said Andrea Meltzer of Florida State University, lead author on the study. “And people with a stronger s3xual afterglow report higher levels of relationship satisfaction several months later.”
Researchers had previously theorised that s3x plays a crucial role in bonding, but the question had never really been answered: how frequently would you need to have s3x for it to have an impact? In essence, this is what Meltzer and colleagues wanted to find out, by studying two sets of samples with more than 90 newlywed couples each. Interestingly, s3x on any given day was linked with lingering s3xual satisfaction not just that day, or the following day, but two days later.
However. The study says nothing of those having bad s3x. Our prayers, though, are with you.