Kyadondo music equipment fails to work, “resurrects” after Prophet Mbonye leaves

Pork lovers, beer addicts and loud music fans who had planned to disrupt Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s service at Kyadondo rugby grounds were left shocked after their “weapon” were rendered powerless by mysterious powers.

Hundreds of worshippers flocked the grounds to attend Prophet Mbonye’s “God’s remnants” service at the rugby grounds. The service pitted the worshippers against the beer lovers who flock the place for the weekly Tuesday discount where three beers are sold at Shs10K.

According to Dixon Okello, “Kyadondo management, reached a comprise with both parties and allowed the main bar and VIP pavilion to remain open for business as usual”.

The two distinct worlds were separated by a big black cloth which was used as temporary fencing to separate the born again Christians from beer and pork lovers.

After the service, Kyadondo revellers were shocked, when the music system and computers jammed, until all those that attended the service drove or walked out of the venue. The DJ’s, tried to do their best but failed, “Dixon noted.