I have walked to heaven — Prophet Elvis Mbonye describes encounter with Jesus

Prophet Elvis Mbonye
Described as “modern day prophet”, Elvis Mbonye claims he has walked to heaven and seen Jesus. The prophet claims Jesus has very stunning eyes and a look that is very liberating. While speaking to NBS TV’s Mable Twegumye, the prophet called upon people to strive for a higher spiritual life.

When asked whether he had seen God, he replied, “I have seen Jesus and the most pronounced thing is his eyes. He looks at you with no condemnation whatsoever. I have walked to Heaven and what most people don’t realize is they too can. When the veil rent, Heaven was opened. There is a higher life than what people have known before. Everyone should be introduced to the spiritual life”, he stated.

The prophet unlike those in Jesus’ days has a very peculiar taste of fashion that could make even some local fashion gurus rub their hands with glee.

In related news, Prophet Kakande last week claimed he had holy rice worth Shs. 50K  a kilo that believers bring miracles to the lives of believers.