10 artistes who left crews, groups, labels, went independent and became successful

Yesterday, Irene Ntale shocked her fans when she announced her exit from Swangz Avenue. The singer’s new path is not new. Many more have dared to dream, took the leap of faith and reaped from the risk. Irene Ntale is massively talented gem. She started out prominently as that choir songbird at Victory church, Ntinda where perhaps many would have expected her to do gospel music.

She later got gigs at Emin Pasha hotel where she serenaded the patrons with her soulful acoustic sounds. She performed live, massaging sweet melodies from her guitar as her voice flowed freely over the soothing lyrics like natural honey dripping on wet morning rose petals. Swangz Avenue could not escape this charm. These are the artistes that defied the odds and made it.

  1. CINDY
    Cindy went for the throne and owned it

    Blu*3  was the biggest girl group at the time. They were the pop stars with several hits under their belts, going places and seemed destined for nothing but continental breakthrough. Some circles in the entertainment industry compared the group to Destiny’s child! In the group, Cindy was not the so-popular one with Lillian Mbabazi taking the “silent lead role”. Cindy went on to be become more popular than the group. She unleashed the gem in her and Blu*3 could not stand the test of time.


Rema was Gagamel’s lead vocalist. After a couple of collabo’s with Bebe Cool, she perhaps started to realise the need to spread her wings out of the comfort zone that Gagamel and Bebe Cool provided. She followed her heart and like the say, the heart knows it all. It never lies.



Now described as East Africa’s singing duo, Radio and Weasel started as Jose Chameleone’s back up artists. They carried and waved flags at the shows as Chameleone basked in all the glory. Then the boys became men and the rest is history.

4. MUN*G

Rapper Mun G was that small cat in the Baboon Forest crew. Like most crews, being in Baboon Forest entitled him to free studio time, hassle-free performances, transport and perhaps food as well. However, despite all the comfort, Mun G proved that talent is a divine ordained hustle.


King Saha was that boy in Leone Island who was over shadowed by the big name till he went on his own.


Former Big Talent singer Big Eye was one of Eddy Kenzo’s crew mates till he went his way and started “Big Music”, his new crew. He recently held a sold out concert at La Grande hotel, Bwaise.


Eddy Kenzo was one of the boys at Fire base. With the big crew, he had the access to everything he would need to make it but choose to tread his own path which led him to the BET podium with the award trophy in his hands.


After leaving Team No Sleep, many expected doom for the singer but he went on to hold his maiden concert which sold out. He has since signed several endorsement deals like with MTN and most recently with World Lutheran Foundation.


Mesach is testimony that its never too late to tie the laces and move on

Mesach Semakula is proof that it is never too late or too early to move on. Following the collapse of Eagles Band which split to New Eagles and Golden Productions, Mesach has moved on from all this friction and started Golden Papa. He will hold his “My journey, otya bigambo” concert on March 3rd , a VIP experience at Hotel Africana, something rather unusual of band singers. Just like the concert suggests, it will surely be about the journey tales.


Obsessions was the that girl group that every aspiring female singer admired to be part of. Here Sheeba was finally in the videos and that the biggest events thanks to the group. However, she went her own way. After several a long spell, she endured it all and like they say what cant kill you only makes you stronger. Sheebah’s heroic rise is still so fresh that I dont need to say more.

It will be a great honour adding Irene Ntale to this indomitable list of those who defied the odds, brand names and proved to the world that their worth under the care of the divine.