Jose Chameleone in trouble as Karamagi death case resurrects

Jose Chameleone

On Boxing day, December  2012, a young man identified as Robert Karamagi passed away following burn injuries he sustained from the compound of music veteran Dr. Jose Chameleone in Sseguku on Entebbe Road.

There were conflicting reports, surrounding Karamaji’s death, with Chameleone’s wife Daniella Mayanja telling police that the deceased had tresspassed onto their home and set himself ablaze. Karamaji’s father Maj Benedicto Kyamanywa however said his son had told him on his death bed in Mulago that he has been tied with ropes and set on fire. 

The controversial case suffered mysterious premature ending after the Director of Public Prosecution declared that Chameleone had no case to answer in 2014. However the parents of the late have not given up the fight, with Maj. Kyamanywa saying he was surprised to find out that the case had been concluded when he was out of the country on duty in Somalia. 

Parents and friends of the deceased led by the Maj. Kyamanywa yesterday hired 10 lawyers led by Evans Ocheng, Ambrose Tebyansa, Nalukkola Luyimbaazi and other Non Governmental Organisations to help him pin Chameleone.

“I have have for years served this country diligently, but to my disappointment, I have not been helped in this case”, said Kyamanywa. The father also revealed he has not received much help from DPP office despite the gravity to the offense. 

“I also appeal to the president to get involved in this case,” the father added.

If found guilty, the singer could face life imprisonment.