Sheebah baptises her loud mouthed pet dog ”Pallaso”

If you thought the beef between Sheebah and Pallaso is a thing of the past, well think again! The feud between the former Team No Sleep crew mates is only gaining momentum.  Nkwatako singer Sheebah has adopted a pet dog and named it ‘Pallaso’. According to snoops, the dog has a knack for barking at anything that passes by.

Despite the loyalty and closeness of dogs to human race, in  African tradition, naming a dog after a human being is despicable insult. When scolding misbehaving child, a mother usually shouts at the kid, “Don’t behave like dogs!” Dogs are perceived as uncouth dirty creatures and in this case, Pallaso, the dog takes the crown of honour while Pallaso, the singer takes the crown of thorns.

Sheebah and Pallaso had memories to remember  with hit songs like ‘Go down low’ while under TNS and the two are rumoured to have had an affair. Following misunderstandings, Pallaso bitterly quit the crew and the two went on rampage churning out diss songs aimed at each other. Pallaso released “Bagwamu” a song that mocked his former crew. Sheebah veiled response came in “Wantama” (what a man), a song that is a public secret a diss song to Pallaso.

Like teacher Mpamire says, in this case, ask yourself ”What went wrong?”

Source :F & F