Uganda rated Africa’s best 2017 travel destination, almost tops global list

Rough Guides Ltd  a travel guidebook and reference publisher, owned by Penguin Random House  has rated Uganda Africa’s best travel destination for 2017.  Their travel titles cover more than 200 destinations, and they are distributed worldwide through the Penguin Group. The series began with the 1982 Rough Guide to Greece, a book conceived by Mark Ellingham, who was dissatisfied with the polarisation of existing guidebooks between cost-obsessed student guides and “heavyweight cultural tomes.

Uganda and Namibia are the only African countries who feature on the list.

“Dubbed the “pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill in 1908, the small but incredibly diverse nation of Uganda remains a fascinating yet vastly under explored destination.

The country’s commitment to heavy investment in its tourism infrastructure looks set to change this, though, and in 2017 expect Uganda to vie with Kenya and Tanzania for international visitors, drawing more and more travellers with its astonishing wildlife.

Find everything from three-horned chameleons to the iconic mountain gorilla – now more accessible than ever thanks to a recent gorilla-tracking initiative that allows trekkers to spend more time in the presence of these beautiful creatures.

Where else you canoe past crocodiles on the Nile, track gorillas in dense jungles, soak in hot springs, scale snowy mountain peaks or visit a traditional Batwa village – all within a single day’s journey? Only in Uganda”.

The ratings

1. India

2. Scotland