Makerere re-opened, students given two weeks to complete tuition

Makerere university students’ festive season has been cut short after the university officially re-opened on Christmas Eve and lectures are set to resume on the second day of the new year. According to an official statement, the students are expected to clear tuition by 16th January which is two weeks after the re-opening date.

Here is the official statement.

Following consultations between members of MUASA and Council, as well as Government, the MUASA fraternity unconditionally suspended their strike on 19th December 2016 to allow for the Visitation Committee to Makerere University to carry out its duties without hindrances, and, to enable engagement with all arms of Government in a cordial environment, while heeding to the outcry of the country, parents/guardians and development partners.

The Visitor, having satisfied himself with the patriotic act of members of MUASA to agree to resume teaching, has directed the University Council to to take immediate steps to re-open the University. The Chairperson of Council, on behalf of Council, therefore announces the opening of Makerere University with immediate effect. Accordingly, the following shall take place

  1. All staff members will resume work immediately.
  2. All students shall return for continuation of the 1st Semester on Monday 2nd January 2017.
  3. Arrangements have been made to ensure that students will regain any time lost as a result of the closure of the University.
  4. Students shall comply fully with the tuition policy which requires them to complete payment of all fees by the 12th week of the semester (in this instance two weeks after resumption of studies i.e. 16th January 2017)

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2017 as we build for the future.