Five reasons why Sheebah Karungi ruled 2016

2016 is that year Sheebah Karungi will never forget. She may “forget” her birth year but 2016 will one of her biggest career defining moments and probably a peak of her career. Why was Sheebah the best thing to have happened to 2016, musically?

These are the five reasons why she rocked.

  1. Top notch management.

Away from the scandals and controversies, Jeff Kiwa is not an ordinary man in the music business. The streetwise manager turns raw into gold. I mean look what he did with the Radio and Weasel then unlikely suspect Sheebah Karungi. His works speaks louder than the rumours and as such the works of his hand have always come in handy to prove to the world that manager Jeff is a gem.

2. Hunger

Sheebah was that hungry girl yearning to see her dreams come true. Hit after hit she brought the heat that competition could not beat. Her consistency paid off as she crowned her efforts with a sold out maiden concert!

3. Youthful

Sheebah brought that unfiltered youthful vibe, somewhat controversy yet unapologetic. With a massive legion of faithful youths, she founded her own cult-like following called the Sheebaholics. Give them a hot pant, crop top and colourful wavy weaves, then witness the craziness. The males are too worshippers of this “goddess”. They faithfully thronged her shows. Who can do without the fans?

4. Time factor

Sheebah’s success is a demonstration that there is no force more powerful than one whose time has come. After years of hustling, 2016 was her time to dine at the top.

5. Tubonga nawe factor

To a lesser extent, the bad taste Tubonga nawe left in the mouth of many fans left a huge gap that Sheebah perfectly filled. Thanks for the music!