40 thugs arrested at Xmas show at Resort Beach

Bebe Cool performs at the concert.

Thousands of people attended the Christmas Digida show at Entebbe Resort Beach yesterday. But while they were out to make merry, several thugs were out to make their life hell, pick-pocketing and stealing mobile phones.

Security expert Dixon “Bond” Okello.

Police and private security were however ready for the thugs and 40 of them were arrested.

“As usual, organisation and security was great. Over 40 thugs were arrested,” the event’s head of security Dixon “Bond” Okello said.

Several top artistes including Bebe Cool, Chameleone, Radio and Weasel performed at the event that was organised by Sabavulu Balaam Barugahare.

The party continues at the same venue today in a concert featuring Afrigo Band and Amarula Family.