Government rolls out free Wifi for Christmas


Expect free internet this Christmas as the National Information Technology Authority–Uganda (NITA-U) will be offering free WiFi within selected locations in the Kampala Central Business District and some areas of Entebbe starting 24th December to 27th .Access to the service will be offered for 24 hours.

According to Ms Vivian Ddamba, the director technical services, all you have to do is look out for hotspots broadcasting MYUG. The 2mbps internet is making use of the idle Internet Bandwidth in Government offices during these hours and making it available free of charge to the public in surrounding areas.


1. For access to the service look out for hotspots broadcasting MYUG

2. Simply Sign-Up via the access page with the following details:

a) First & Last name

b) Email address

c) Mobile Number

d) Preferred Username

e) Access Password

f) Date of Birth

g) Gender

However access is blocked to the following;

  1. Pornographic websites
    b.    Terrorist/Violence inciting websites
    c.    Bit Torrents sites
    d.    All Video streaming content (YouTube, Instagram videos, online video advertisements)
    e.    MP3/Music downloads
    f.    Mobile Phone Updates / Application updates
    g.    Websites blacklisted for Malware
    h.    VIOP (WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout etc)
    i.    VPN Bypass