Photos: Our lens at the Arab Money party

It’s December and the party don’t stop. One of the events to always look out for is the annual Arab Money party. The gold and black themed party is always about showing money made during the year so it is a mix of ba-summer, rich guys and socialites. Here is what happened at the event that took place over the weekend. 

Bringing the Arab swag on.
In festive mood.
How do I look?
Her hair reminds of Goldilocks and the three bears.
An investor who wants his dividends.
Just the two of us.
Rich Gang in the building.
Selfie or showing off her blinged up phone?
Just here for the “Sheikhs” and their Arab money.
Aly Alibhai and his baby mama Sylvia.
The skin colour tells us these ones are Arabs.
Party organiser Sue Ochola.
We thought Mbuga and Jalia were still on honeymoon.
Belly dancer Tina Kapp entertains guests.
To get money, you have to look like money.
Getting down on it.
Charlie Lubega, Prince David Wasajja and Roger “Salvador” Mugisha.