Cost-free but exciting ways to decorate your house this holiday season

As Christmas draws nearer, it gets worrying for some. How do you decorate if you live in a small house? How do you keep costs in check? It is very easy for decorations to look messy if not well-thought out. Take a look at these amazing ideas that will leave your house not only welcoming this festive season but are also pocket-friendly. 

–     If you have no room for a Christmas tree, a little compact tabletop vignette tree in the corner with some greenery and scented candles will work wonders. Throw in some sparkling lights and the festivities are good to go. 

–     When space is minimal, you can consider hanging twinkle lights at the ceiling or around doorways.

–      You could alternatively make a wall decal tree using stickers. Let your imaginations run wild in the most space considerate way.   

–     Display your holiday cards on the wall. Even if you don’t have much space on the floor, you still have walls so take full advantage of them. 

–     Make use of your windows by hanging some leaves or paper snowflakes. These will also catch the light and make the birth of Jesus Christ a truly special day. Make miniature rosemary wreaths and display them on a table, sideboard or any place around the house that needs some life. 

–     Use your wrapping paper as part of your decoration. You could also use things laying around the house.

–     Do you have a chandelier? You can hang myriad ornaments from a chandelier to make the house come to life. 

–     If you don’t have a chandelier, you can consider hanging a tree from the ceiling to make an upside down Christmas tree. 

–     One of the most stylish ideas you can try if the idea of a Christmas tree fails is tree branches. You can put the branches in vases, on a tabletop or windowsill. 

–     Do not forget the lights. Different types of lights will cheer you up long after New Year’s Day has passed. No one forgets the warmth that beautiful light brings.  

–     Put a stamp on your holiday by applying a personal touch such as a menorah with separate candlesticks, or Christmas-themed cutlery.