Spy! FDC bans Kato Lubwama from Besigye’s home

Kato Lubwama

Forum for Democratic Change is taking no chances after a source revealed that some members are “NRM moles”. Opposition leader Dr. Kizza Besigye has warned his members to be vigilant of spies infiltrating  their party.

According to sources, embattled MP Kato Lubwama has been banned from accessing Besigye’s home and FDC offices after information leaked that he was spying on the party. 

The sources also revealed that there are spies within FDC party disguised as loyal party members. When the FDC’s secrets started leaking, the Najjanankumbi based opposition top party, took desperate measures. It is said members are not allowed in meetings with gadgets like mobile phones and are thoroughly checked before making official decisions on behalf on the party.

The spies are said to have weakened the party’s strategies.