Kim Swagga, baby mama Bad Black in PDA

On the same night that socialite Bad Black was filmed asking her former lover Meddie Ssentongo to marry her, in staggering English, she also acted out a free romance scene to guests at tycoon SK Mbuga’s kasiki at Club Guvnor. 

No one saw it coming; not even the other character in the scene! Well, it all started when Black walked to her latest baby-daddy; socialite Kim Swagga, at Guvnor. The two cozily danced a little, whispered a few sweet nothings, both smiled and then started kissing!

Bad Black in PDA with Kim Swagga

While all this happened, most camera people were busy taking photos of the main man of the night.

However, our snoop managed to snap some images of the lovey-dovey scene using a phone. Black shocked many when, shortly after her release from Luzira prison, revealed that Kim Swagga was the father of her youngest daughter- Devina. Kim Swagga never denied the allegations. Are Kim Swagga and Black dating? Worry not; our investigative team is on it and will soon revert with answers.