Your campus: 10 Things that only happen in Gulu University


Well, MUK guys have stolen all the shine from other campuses. It is so easy to forget that we have over 40 universities in this country! However, Gulu University refuses to be forgotten. The pride of the “Nodern rezon” (In Acholi accent) has a vibrant lifestyle that will shock many. Ladies and gentlemen, the 10 things that only happen in Gulu freshly peeled for your consumption…

  1. It is only in Gulu University where babes dating South Sudanese boys have Pitbull’s international love as their ringtone and caller tune. It is an intimidating move for chics dating fellow Ugandans. When the phone rings, even a lecturer stops teaching and the students stand up and sing the Uganda national anthem because she is an ambassador of love representing the country.
  2. It is only in Gulu University where a campus babe will prefer a tin of odii (groundnut paste) to pizza. Odii is a delicacy that is compatible ingredient to all foods from meat to green leafy vegetables. Pizza is not a welcome gift unless you are willing to explain how she will eat it with dodo.
  3. It is only in Gulu University where lecturers can’t risk striking when students have paid tuition for their own safety.
  4. It is the only campus where light skinned babes are given VIP treatment. They don’t line up for food, they are served before the rest and they are said to influence a lecturer’s attitude in lecture rooms.
  5. It is the only campus where dark skinned babes don’t bleach. They are original and are proud of their true self.
  6. When you are bypassing a student’s hostel in Gulu and you hear cries like, “Commando don’t kill me, ninja attack, major general ambush it, terrorist hammer it, destroy it, murder, bomb it, please don’t call the police that’s how the babes moan.
  7. It is only in Gulu university where students hang posters of Clever J on their walls because he is still a huge star there
  8. It is only in Gulu university where a guy will take a chic out and all they do is sharing a single sachet of waragi of 500/
  9. It is only in Gulu university where babes wont mind sharing a guy and sleeping in the same room as co-besties.
  10. For unknown reason, the first selfie taken by a University babe was in a toilet. She was apparently so amazed by the white clean tiles and rolls of crisp toilet paper.