Who is Cynthia Munwangari?


She is probably the person with the information on who was behind the ugly barrel of the gun that took Kenneth Akena’s life last Saturday. The beautiful Munwangari could cast clarity on the murder case that is taking a new twist by the minute.

cynthia2Cynthia Munwangari is a well accomplished woman at her young age. The 26-year-old is a fashion designer behind the Cy’Mun Collection label and model, as well as initiator and founder the Bujumbura Fashion Week. She was born in Burundi on September 8, 1990 to a Burundian father and a Rwandan mother. She is the third in a family of four, including two boys and one girl.

She had her education solely in Burundi and is a clinical and social psychology graduate from Hope Africa University. However, her passion for fashion got the better of her. She followed her heart and slowly climbed the ladders to become one of the most recognised faces on the Burundian social circuit.

She became a teenage mother and has an eight-year-old son with a man she married to but divorced before Kanyamunyu came into the picture. According to an interview with Elle Afrique, her dream man has always been one who fears God and she regarded the early marriage and consequent divorce as her “worst failure”.

Nursing political ambitions
Kanyamunyu’s family’s side of the story is that the bullet that took Akena was meant for her because of her political connections, noting that her aunt, former Burundi representative to the East African Parliament, Hafsa Mossi was assassinated mid this year.

The fact that she is politically involved can be corroborated by the 2015 Elle Afrique interview where she revealed that she is nursing political ambitions in her home country after the once peaceful beautiful nation plunged into political chaos and its associated evils.


“I like politics very much and if I have to sacrifice myself I am ready because my plans for the future will not be reached outside the field. I have to be part of the government and it’s that simple. My struggle is to develop the talents of young people (we have all not been made for school or to be a doctor, lawyer or economist…) but each of us is born with a talent and I believe strongly because it goes to boost our economy and hence the end of some problems,” she was quoted. As a famous woman, she has had many women looking up to her.
So would you pull a trigger or take a bullet for her?