No more shows for Sheebah until December 2


Sheebah Karungi returned from South Africa over the weekend, having stayed back in Johannesburg after attending the 2016 MAMAs where she was a first time nominee. But upon landing on Saturday morning, Sheebah made a few announcements that will get her fans both sad and excited in equal measure. For starters, Sheebah announced that she had recorded and shot videos in SA; but with whom, where and by whom are all questions the dancehall diva left unanswered. Sheebah also announced that she will not be performing anywhere else until the day for her Nkwatako concert slated for December 2.

“I am shifting all focus to my concert; I want to give my fans the best! I want something that will keep people talking until I hold another concert,” Sheebah told us. She said fellow Team No Sleep members Roden Y, Ykee Benda and Chozen will be performing where she is supposed to perform. She added she had a few surprises from SA that she intends to unveil at Hotel Africana on December 2, where Sheebah will be holding her maiden mega Nkwatako concert. She will have subsequent shows at Satelite beach in Mukono and Freedom City.