Radio & Weasel online radio goes live this weekend

For the past few years, music duo Radio & Weasel have been talking about ‘their radio venture.’   Some were quick to conclude that singer Mowzey Radio, who has been very vocal about the Neverland FM venture, was simply threatening radio presenters that he has had issues with over the years.


But looks like the “Neera” hitmaker was dead serious. Radio told us earlier this week that they had finally secured a licence for an online radio and they will start broadcasting on this weekend. Radio told us told us that the radio offices are housed at their Neverland mansion in Makindye; “everything is set. People can now listen to Neverland MF online starting this Friday,” he said.

Radio told us that the online radio is simply a start of a bigger dream that he wouldn’t disclose during our chat. He said that the online station will help them communicate their concerts and plans, as well as music releases to their fans across the world.

A source told us that the duo also plan to start up an online television channel that will majorly broadcast their shows and live broadcasts. All the best Radio & Weasel.