Tips on how to design a wall fence

Fencing a house is no longer just a matter of enclosing but a matter of making a statement. The way you design your fence speaks volumes about your home as well as you as a person. However, when designing a wall fence there are a few things that one must consider which include; security, privacy, environment, children and pets, landscape, house size and resources.

Consider adding some beautiful flowers that will beautify your fence.

Once you have all of the above and more figured out according to priority, you can now let your imagination shoot through the roof as you embark on the project that is as good as your home’s signature. Here are a few ideas you can look into.

Brick and rail fence

This is normally used to preserve scenic views such as gardens and water sources. However, it’s not suitable if privacy is among your top priorities. You could design the bricks in any form and shape of your choice while outlining with the metal rails.

Create a focal point

Whenever a person enters a fenced compound it’s often natural for them to look around but first there’s always that particular spot that brings life to your style. It’s also a normal habit for people to look inside a fence when the gate is open or partially open. Use this as an advantage to frame a spectacular view.

Built-in landscaping

A fence with a built-in landscape/garden is one of the most unique styles of fencing. Simply build in and around the fence spaces in form of buckets or basins where you can fill in with soil and plant some beautiful flowers.

Brick and trees

In consideration of environment and security, building a mid-fence from the ground and filling the above space with trees is a good fencing statement. It gives off a romantic appeal whilst displaying a country side nature.

Concrete fencing

This is a more modernised kind of fencing mostly done in homes closer to town or busy areas. It’s highly recommended for such places as it counteracts external noises and is more secure when using high security measures such as anti-climb spikes, razor wire mesh, electric and alarm wiring as well as barbed wire mesh.


Should you wish to paint your brick fence, it’s highly recommended that you seek professional advice as some types of bricks are never intended to be painted. However, should you wish to paint your fence choose a colour that’s as natural as possible to maintain a soft home appeal.

Light it up

When lighting up your fence, it’s not a matter of throwing a light bulb here and there for the sake of security. You must apply special artistic design in order to capture all the beauty of the night. Put a little more attention to the design of your lamp holders as they also work as decoration during the day.

Outdoor lighting will beautify your outdoor space and provide security as well.

Go antiquing

For a more whimsical effect, antiques can bring out the art and soul of your fence, which intermittently reflects on your home. These you can place on top, in between or at corners of your fence according to your sense of design.