Mweruka saga: MP Nambooze angry that men in the s3x tapes are not exposed

MP Betty Nambooze.
MP Betty Nambooze.

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze is not happy that only women in the leaking s3x tapes are exposed, yet it takes two to tangle.

Following the leaking of Bukedde TV anchor Robinah Sanyu Mweruka’s s3x tape last Friday, Nambooze wondered why only the woman has been exposed yet there are two people in the video.

“Nobody is talking about the men in the videos… everyone is talking about the women!” the vocal opposition MP said.

“I thought this issue touches two people … abakazi tukyali bubbi mu societies… already we are becoming victims of Facebook … two (three) are ready in the obscene gutter,” she went on.

She had some advice for fellow women.

“At this rate, every girl should own a video recording detecting gadget. Before you drop your skirt down, you check out for any device, which may be recording the friendly. Ladies be alert at all times; home and away matches,” said.

“Anyway, no one is safe apart from us who subscribe to the MOTHER ‘S UNION LEAGUE ONLY…….Girls please love selectively and faithfully,” she added.

The MP is married to Henry Bakireke and they redid their wedding in 2012 because at the first wedding ceremony they were “looking poor and from the village.”