I could have died: Actor John Ssegawa narrates attack

John Ssegawa is recuperating in hospital after thugs almost left him for dead on Saturday night.

Doctors at Mayo Clinic on Bombo Road had to cut off his trademark dreadlocks to dress a wound he sustained when the thugs hit him on the head with a hammer during the fateful night.

Ssegawa was in company of a female friend when they attacked his house, behind Lubiri SS in Rubaga division.

“During the wee Morning hours of Saturday 11th October at 3am, machete-wielded bandits, horrible thugs and aggravated robbers broke into my house, tied me up, knocked me so badly leaving me unconscious in a pool of blood,” Ssegawa narrated his ordeal.

Ssegawa believes he could have lost his life had it not been for the grace of God.

“Thank God almighty. These are the days of miracles and wonders…” he said on his hospital bed.

The Afri Talent director was involved in scuffle with the bandits who broke into his house until one of them bludgeoned him with a hammer on the head, sending him to the floor. Another goon cut him across the left cheek with a knife, leaving him unconscious in a pool of blood.

The thugs made off with a laptop, an unidentified sum of money and three flat screen computers. They drove away in Segawa’s car a Mercedes Benz UAR 224D after forcing a male house help to give them the car keys.

Ssegawa at a previous function. His dreadlocks are no more.
Ssegawa at a previous function. His dreadlocks are no more.

Surprisingly, the thugs didn’t touch the woman Segawa was with, leading to some people speculating that the man many refer to as a city Casanova was attacked by bandits sent by a jilted lover to teach him a lesson.

Ssegawa was at one time involved with actresses Mariam Ndagire and Ruth Wanyana and they both have kids with him and he has been linked to several other female celebrities.

In fact it’s Wanyana who lives near Ssegawa that rushed him to hospital after the was escorted to her house on an SOS call.

Wanyana reported to Lungujja Police Post and recorded a statement  on the ordeal but Ssegawa’s unidentified female friend is yet to record a statement.

“My family and I wish to express our immense gratitude for all you have done to enable me to get better one day at a time. But I don’t think any words could possibly be adequate to express my feelings of gratitude to you all especially the medics attending to me,” Ssegawa who now spots a bald head said.